Western “False Narrative” coming to an end

It has been pretty funny to watch the Western mainstream media (MSM) mix up and changing narratives during the war in Ukraine. But MSM has forgotten that “lies do not win the war”, although MSM generally try to believe so and feed that bullshit to its audience round-the-clock.

Let’s take a closer look at that “sad funny” sequel, then another look at the progress during last two weeks and finally some realist conclusions. The turning point is right in front of our eyes, IF we are willing to see it.

Changing false narratives of western mainstream media

In the so-called western world, “rules-based world” as Anthony Blinken likes to call it, we are living exceptional time and exceptional reality, where “Orwellian rules” seem to prevail. “War is peace”, “lie is truth” and other banalities are unfortunately realities in today’s Western Europe and America, particularly when watching things from the MSM point of view. This horrible reality is particularly seen in the news, comments and articles regarding Ukraine war in the MSM.

Website service, moonofalabama (www.moonofalabama.org), has made some excellent practical analyses regarding this topic. From this on, I use an abbreviation of MOA regarding this website service.

MOA tells to have mocked MSM for claiming that “Russia is running out of whatever

I sincerely recommend to read all those MOA’s analysis, which are stimulating and eye-opening. They clearly reveal the incredible but consistent false narrative that the media has fed to people.

Now, after the fiasco of Ukrainian counteroffensive, from later August on, Western military commentators and MSM have finally started to accept the obvious. Russia is winning and doing so by a large margin.

MOA notes that “A warning that Russia will outproduce the West was given back in June 2022 when Alex Vershinin of RUSI issued a note about The Return of Industrial Warfare.” I have also referred to this dilemma in my articles of the Ukrainian war, first time in August 2022. RUSI’s report recommended reading for everyone interested in understanding the key principles of the modern warfare.

Again, on September 18, with the title “Ukraine SitRep: Weird Claims, High Losses”, MOA reveals new tragicomic reportage in western media. 

Critical American media (FAIR) has recently notified that “US corporate news media have explicitly taken a side on the Ukraine War. This role includes suppressing relevant history of the lead-up to the war, attacking people who bring up that history as “conspiracy theorists”, accepting official government pronouncements at face value and promoting an overly rosy picture of the conflict in order to boost morale. Most of the US coverage has been as pro-Ukrainian as Ukraine’s own media, now consolidated under the Zelenskyy government. Corporate media chose propaganda over journalism.”

“No matter what the US says, the US controls this war, it supplies weapons, munition, intelligence information, data from satellites, it is pursuing a war against us,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) as he commented on statements by the US on readiness to supply long-range shells with depleted uranium to Ukraine.

Situation report, per mid-September, 2023

The weeks in September have been devastating to AFU (armed forces of Ukraine). Based on three weekly reports of Russian Ministry of Defense as well as other data sources, the military situation of AFU looks very bleak.

During the period of August 25 – September 16, losses on the frontlines: troops losses up to 16,000; tanks and other armoured vehicles up to 300; other motor vehicles up to 500; field artillery pieces up to 350. These figures do not cover those losses of Russian massive air strikes in the rear areas of Ukraine. In reality, total figures of AFU losses are much higher than those mentioned above.

As a result of significant manpower losses, the Ukrainian command was forced to begin withdrawing the 82nd Air Assault Brigade, AFU’s elite NATO-trained unit armed with Challenger

tanks, to the rear area in order to recover combat capability. The similar destiny is coming to 71st Jaeger Brigade that is also suffering heavy daily losses.

During this 3-weeks period, Russian Forces launched 22 massive air strikes on AFU command posts, radio electronic centers, port infrastructure, ammo & fuel & western weaponry depots, military airfields, production and storage sites of sea drone boats as well as training bases and troops concentration sites of AFU troops.

I wrote in my article “Turning Point came true in Ukraine War” of August 12, 2023 that Russian Forces, which so far have been on “active defense” mode, are now turning on the offensive foot along the whole frontline. While AFU’s summer “counteroffensive” has been steaming out with gigantic troops and material losses, the turning point of the performance of Russian Forces has been taking place approx. since August 8-10.  More and more daily evidence is coming forth on the battlefields, especially in Zaporozhye, South Donetsk and Kupyansk regions.

Recently, many well-known analysts have publicly assessed the military situation in Ukraine.

The reports are piling up of Ukraine’s massive losses on the battlefield. A year ago, according to the Telegraph, hopes ran high in Ukraine about an imminent victory. That celebratory chorus is gone and replaced by a funeral dirge. Of the 100 residents of Poltava, Ukraine, who were sent to the front in the fall of 2022, only 10-20 remained in service. The rest are dead or wounded, the acting head of the regional military enlistment office, the head of the Poltava regional TCC, Lieutenant Colonel Berezhnoy, said.

The horrific losses are hitting Ukrainians hard. Despite vows to fight to the bitter end or fervent belief in ultimate victory, the mismatch between Russia’s superior firepower and Ukraine’s increasingly desperate attempt to round up new recruits and get more weaponry from depleted American and NATO stores presents Kiev with an impossible task.

Very interesting discussion: prof. Glenn Diesen – Col. Douglas MacGregor, September 15, 2023

Collective west refuses to admit Ukraine offensive has failed, September 16, 2023

 The Duran: Alex Christoforou – Alexander Mercouris


Right now, there is and will be intensive negotiations/talks in the US, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting. Reportedly, Russian FM Lavrov has given an ultimatum to President Zelensky and Biden & Zelensky will have tough talks. Allegedly, talks have been extremely tough and Zelensky may return with empty hands.

Number of professional analysts share the estimate that AFU offensive will steam out by the early October, when the rainy season comes to the battlefields. The battle pauses for a while as a positional warfare and Russia prepares for the winter offensive by accumulating all necessary weaponry and ammunition material.

The final show of Ukraine war is going to start within new few weeks.