References and data sources

References and data sources are here classified by segments/types/origins of the source used on this website. In each segment/type are presented only the significant and most used references, in the alphabetical order.

Total number of all possible sources (used in texts for this website) may amount up to several thousands of sources and items.

Main references of IR-theory

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Some often-used websites

Some often-used US websites:

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, website

The Jamestown Foundation, website

RAND Corporation, website

Jane’s Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis, website

Institute for the study of war (ISW), website

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), website

Some often-used Russian websites:

Russia in global affairs, website

Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS), website

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), website, website

Russian Military Analysis, website

The International Affairs Journal, A Russian Journal of World Politics, Diplomacy and International Relations, website International Affairs Journal ( , International Affairs Digital Archive – East View

Some often-used Chinese websites:

China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies, website

Belt and Road Portal, website

Global Times, website

China Military,

Asia Times, website

Articles of Scientific magazines, used in theoretical texts of this website

American Journal of Political Science

American Political Science Review

China Quarterly of International Studies

China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly

Comparative Political Studies

Contemporary Security Policy

The Diplomat Magazine

European Journal of International Relations

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy Journal

Geopolitics Alert

The Globalist

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

International Affairs

International Organizations

International Relations

International Studies Quarterly

International Security

Journal of Common Market Studies

Journal of Conflict Resolution

Journal of Contemporary China

Journal of Eurasian Studies

Journal of Strategic Studies

The National Interest

Project Syndicate

Review of International Relations

Review of International Studies

Russia in Global Affairs

Security Studies


World Politics

Some useful youtube-videos:

Graham Allison on the Thucydides Trap | Munich Security Conference 2020 Graham Allison and General David Petraeus discuss the great power rivalry between the US and China, March 2020

U.S. Presidential Election-The Clash of Great Powers: China’s Rise and the Challenge to U.S. Primacy; John Mearsheimer, October 2020

Stephen Walt – The World Order after the Pandemic, October 2020

General media sites and newspapers: articles used in texts on this website

Think Tanks, other research institutions and organizations

General military affairs, military websites, reports and military news

The US, reports and publications / Military affairs

Russia, reports and publications / Military affairs

China, reports and publications / Military affairs