Present alliance

Different dimensions of China – Russia cooperation

This section explores alliances and other cooperative formations among great powers in the present world, during the unipolarity of the US.

The cooperative behavior between China and Russia has been an interesting occurrence in the post-Cold War period.

It was nearly totally ignored and despised evolution by Western analysts and researchers during the first two decenniums of the post-Cold War period.  Just recently in the 2010s, first serious Western observations paid attention to this phenomenon.

Why the Sino-Russian ties matter?

The mutual relationship of China and Russia has become a crucial driving force in the great power politics since the end of the Cold War.

Their closing up partnership, even alliance-type cooperation, works for a historical shift in the global power balance and in the global economic, military and political structure of the world. The powerful transition process has already begun in the overall Eurasian region, where the balancing of power has been taken place during last ten years and is now evolving worldwide. 

The importance of the Sino-Russian relationship and cooperation may be best realized by examining some key facts of both countries The comparable US figures are attached for additional comparisons.

(monetary values in billion US dollars = b$ and numbers in parentheses are the world rankings)