Two-year anniversary of Russian SMO in Ukraine

February 24, 2022, was the day that changed the geopolitics for the rest of 21st century and over. This process and in some sense a political trend were seen already before the war in Ukraine or Russian SMO (special military operation is the name Russia uses regarding the war in Ukraine).

Today, the course of the war is on Russia’s side. From the outset, Moscow said it had no intention to occupy all of Ukraine but the collapse of the regime in a rump state is no doubt something that Russia wants. But, importantly, the military situation in Ukraine is only part of a much bigger picture of global confrontation and one that speaks to an existential crisis for the West.

The emerging multipolar world order led by Russia, China and the Global South is pushing the old Western “rules-based order” into historical oblivion. I have analyzed this process many times on my website, like in the following articles:

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Russia has a momentum now

The two-year anniversary of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is marked with Russian offensive operations along all the frontlines and with strategic victories since the autumn of 2023.

In February of 2024, the Ukrainian military admitted its defeat in one of their most fortified strongholds on the outskirts of Donetsk. Russian forces took control of the major Ukrainian fortress of Avdeevka but Russian offensive operations did not stop but Russian forces launched the battle for Lastochkino and continued assaults in Severnoe, which both have come under Russian control. The AFU troops are retreating to the west, hurrying to strengthen the new line of defense in Orlovka region.

Another Russian victory was declared in the Kherson region, where the Ukrainian military is losing hope to continue fighting for the small bridgehead on the eastern bank in Krynki. The Russian troops are finalizing the mop up operation there and Russian Airforces resume heavy air strikes on selected targets along Dniepr River. In Zaporozhye region, Russian forces have nearly taken over Rabotyne region.

The other advances over the past weeks were declared in the South Donetsk direction, the full control of the village of Pobeda, better positions in Novomikhailovka, Krasnogorovka and Ugledar. In the Donetsk region, advancing in Chasov Yar direction in Bakhmut/Artyomovsk region and in the north, Liman and Kupyansk region. It seems that Kharkiv itself will be the next big target.

SnowStorm | Robotyne Has Fallen | Chaotic Retreat Of The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.02.24

Latest News From Robotyne, Avdiivka, Bakhmut And Kupiansk Direction. Military Summary For 2024.02.25

Overview of the recent and two-years events and processes are available in below-mentioned videos:

Second Year Of Russian Special Military Operation In Ukraine Ends With Victories

Russian Victories, South Front February 23,2024


By Garland Nixon, February 25, 2024

Ukraine’s changing war strategies: Survive 2024 to win in 2025

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is retreating now from the entire frontline in February. AFU needs arms and ammunition from its allies and plenty of new soldiers, so massive losses it has suffered during 2023 and early 2024. Latest estimates of AFU losses amount up to 550k KIA and 680k MIA. All these setbacks, despite of US&NATO tremendous aid and involvement in the military affairs of Ukraine.

Ukraine has an ambitious military goal for this year — hold on. Ukraine is suffering a shortage of shells that is forcing its frontline troops to ration shots and rely on unconventional technologies like drones to hold back Russian attacks. Kyiv is trying to boost domestic production but progress has been slow, mainly due to Russian heavy air strikes and bombings on industrial targets in the rear areas. EU promise to send a million shells by March has fallen far short; as few as 300,000 may have been delivered. According to western military experts, this year 2024 will be very difficult to AFU, forced to be on the back foot. Weapons like F-16 fighter jets and the US-made MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) have yet to arrive in significant numbers.

AFU’s requests are, as usual, more air defense systems on the top of the list, but instead of fighter planes or tanks, Kyiv is seeking drones for surveillance and long-range strikes, followed by electronic warfare systems to jam the Russian drones and ballistic missiles targeting Ukrainian front lines and civilian infrastructure. This year “will be a year of strategic build-up and defense for both Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic community and by 2025, Ukraine could have the sufficient skills and means to defeat Russia,” said the optimistic western experts.

Devastating strikes, keeping the faith, amidst the threat of WW3

Russia has resumed massive and devastating air strikes and bombings week after week on strategic targets, while Ukraine tries to make some “optics”, such strikes with which Ukraine can achieve publicity in western mainstream media but which are militarily negligible.

The $60 billion aid package held up in US Congress will not significantly change the future, neither some F-16 nor more ATAMCs. The same is with the EU aid. The “black hole of Ukraine” is so bottomless that the US, NATO and EU are withering and impoverishing their entire nations. The spigot shall be closed at some point — obviously soon — turning off aid and sealing Ukraine’s fate. The endphase in Ukraine is approaching this spring. It may indeed come much sooner than many in the west are today willing to admit.

However, a big problem for Ukraine is keeping the faith. Most Europeans back Kyiv but an overwhelming majority think it will lose the war. In Ukraine, 85 percent of the population still believe their country will win, but ever fewer can describe what that victory will look like and when it will come, according to recent polling. The pessimism owes much to the fact that deliveries of aid have slowed in recent months. The mood on Ukraine is grim — as was evident at this month’s Munich Security Conference, where last year’s high optimism regarding a successful counteroffensive was replaced by sour pessimism.

A very important and fatal question has been raised by professor Glen Diesen, regarding the article in Financial Times. Is NATO seriously going for WW3 with nuclear weapons?

Another peculiar feature today is that Kiev’s regime has become a hostage of the US and UK. Footage (below) of Zelensky’s exit after the conference under the escort of British special services is the firm practical evidence of this.

Surprise news and announcements

The truth is revealed behind the western narrative “unprovoked invasion” (Russian invasion in Ukraine). CIA has waged a secret war against Russia in Ukraine for years. The New York Times disclosed this case.

Anatol Lieven’s assessment goes in the following way (TIME Magazine)

Ukraine Can’t Win the War

By Anatol Lieven, in TIME Magazine, February 24, 2024

The long-awaited counteroffensive last year failed. Russia has recaptured Avdiivka, its biggest war gain in nine months. President Volodymyr Zelensky has been forced to quietly acknowledge the new military reality. The Biden Administration’s strategy is now to sustain Ukrainian defense until after the US presidential elections, in the hope of wearing down Russian forces in a long war of attrition. This strategy contains one crucially important implication and one potentially disastrous flaw, which are not yet being seriously addressed in public debates in the West or Ukraine.

The implication of Ukraine standing indefinitely on the defensive is that the territories currently occupied by Russia are lost. Russia will never agree at the negotiating table to surrender land that it has managed to hold on the battlefield. The Biden Administration is entirely correct to warn that without further massive US military aid, Ukrainian resistance is likely to collapse this year. But US officials also need to recognize that even if this aid continues, there is no realistic chance of total Ukrainian victory next year, or the year after that. Even if the Ukrainians can build up their forces, Russia can deepen its defenses even more.

Conclusion: The lost Ukrainian territories are lost and NATO membership is pointless, if the alliance is not prepared to send its own troops to fight for Ukraine against Russia, risking the outburst of WW3 with nuclear weapons. This means that, however painful a peace agreement would be today, it will be infinitely more so, if the war continues and Ukraine is defeated and finally the whole humankind will be near to annihilation.

An “unpleasant” truth emerged, when the Head of Ukraine’s Intelligence Services, General Kirill Budanov stated publicly that “Navalny died from a blood clot”, in other words “normal death”. Since mid-February, when his death became known, the western media has vehemently accused “Putin killed Navalny”. Based on published data by Ukraine, Navalny has got five mRNA vaccination jabs for covid. That’s it!


I would like to close this article by referring to the recent tweet by Maria Mateiciuc, who is an eyewitness of those horrifying and hopeless conditions, where Ukrainians live today. Shame you all warmongers.