NATO’s involvement in Ukrainian war – “Grande Finale” approaching

Recent progress

Macron’s recent statements of deployment western troops in Ukraine, come as Ukrainian forces have faced increasingly serious setbacks and days after massive casualties led to a chaotic retreat from the strategically located town of Avdiivka.

It has also coincided with the first confirmed combat loss of a newly supplied American M1A1 Abrams tank just days after the class made its first frontline deployment. American Bradley fighting vehicles and German Leopard main battle tanks, which have seen frontline combat since June, have taken tremendous losses, which Ukraine’s Western supporters have bene unable to replenish, with over 60 Bradleys destroyed in 2023 at a conservative estimate.

Moreover, during last two weeks or so, Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have lost over ten air defense systems (Patriots, IRIS-T, NASAMS and others), supplied by western patrons. No wonder, Russian Air Forces have total air superiority over Ukraine. The daily troops losses have exceeded a thousand soldiers since the beginning of this year.

Western sources on the ground in Ukraine have reported with growing frequency and seriousness that the combat capability of even Ukraine’s most elite frontline units has been very seriously undermined by severe and worsening equipment shortages and troop losses. As frontline units have been reported to have taken tremendous casualties (at 80-90 percent of their fighting strength) and suffering serious manpower shortages, Ukrainian personnel speaking to Western media have widely cited this as a leading factor undermining their ability to continue fighting. 

Here below, there is collected some top sources (videos, articles) to clarify both the current military situation and the relevant background information behind.

Russia vs. Nato Tensions + The State of War in Ukraine w/ Andrei Martyanov

Andrei Martyanov, interviewed by Rachel Levins, February 27, 2024

Scott Ritter: Explaining Ukraine’s Military Failures

Scott Ritter, interviewed by Judge Napolitano, February 26, 2024

Latest war reports by Military Summary are also revealing, large conflagration is possible, even probable.

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NATO operational preparations

Some real steps to the hot war between NATO and Russia have been taken in 2024.

Transnistria case

On Wednesday, February 28, deputies of all levels of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic (also known as Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, PMR) gathered for a Congress to appeal to Russia with a request to “take measures to protect” 220,000 Russian citizens of Transnistria “in the face of increasing pressure from Moldova.” The pressure, by Moldova, is expressed in the total economic blockade and prosecution on charges of “separatism,” although Transnistria did not join the Republic of Moldova after the Moldavian SSR ceased to exist. There was a war for independence of this part of the USSR, which de facto ended with the creation of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic.

Transnistria has today all attributes of a sovereign state – constitution, parliament, president, coat of arms, flag, currency, army. The PMR voted to join Russia in a referendum in 2006. Tiraspol’s recent appeal to Russia resembles the request from the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic (DPR and LPR) in February 2022, after which President Putin decided to start the special operation in Ukraine. Many expected that Moscow would announce its recognition of the PMR, and the process of Transnistria’s entry into the Russian Federation would begin.

Chisinau controls everything that goes to Transnistria after Ukraine closed the Transnistrian section of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border on February 24, 2022. Thus, the rotation of as many as 1,500 Russian soldiers from Transnistria is no longer possible. There is no common border between Russia and Transnistria and it is only possible to lift the blockade from the unrecognized republic only by Russian invasion in the Odessa region.

Ukraine has long been targeting warehouses in Kolbasna. Kyiv believes that one should help Chisinau “eliminate the Transnistrian thorn” and gain access to ammunition depots in return – Europe’s largest reserves in the village of Kolbasna.

Moldova has withdrawn from the Treaty on Conventional Arms in Europe (CFE Treaty), which opens the way for the free entry of NATO forces into the territory of Moldova in any numbers. Therefore, France’s President Macron is now working for gathering rapid-deployment forces (from France, Baltic states and possibly Poland) to be located in Moldova.

If Chisinau and Kyiv try to occupy the region, not to mention deployment of NATO troops there, one can expect toughest and most unexpected radical decisions and the moment will come when Russian troops enter Transnistria.

Frequent air activities over the Black Sea

I have analyzed these activities many times in my previous articles regarding Ukraine war. NATO’s activity here is both gathering intelligence from Russian targets by flying spy planes and UAVs and conducting UAV & USV strikes on Russian targets. These NATO activities have been amounted up to hundreds during this war. Some recent events here below:

Factual NATO involvement, public denials but… now confirmed

French President Emmanuel Macron caused a furor this week by speculating that NATO troops may end up being deployed in Ukraine. He avoided telling the fact that foreign troops have been in the country for more than a decade. That’s why the war in that country erupted two years ago and is still going on. It was comical – if not pathetic – to see the French leader trying to project a tough-guy image as if he was Napoleon or De Gaulle reincarnated.

Immediately, however, the American and European counterparts balked at Macron’s troop talk and hurried to deny their support for Macron’s willingness to deploy NATO battalions. Notably, even the usually hawkish British and Polish leaders quickly overturned the French proposal. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was particularly anxious to repudiate Macron’s loose talk of troops. Scholz said there would be no NATO or German soldiers going to Ukraine.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg – who normally gets excited by pledging unlimited military aid to Ukraine – also publicly rejected Macron’s notion about troops being packed off by the alliance to fight in Ukraine.

For its part, Russia warned that any deployment of NATO contingencies in Ukraine would mean the inevitability of the proxy war turning into a full-on wider war. In his State of the Nation address this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that the fate of such NATO contingencies would end up like that of the Third Reich and Napoleon. Putin also warned that the escalation of NATO’s direct involvement in combat would run the risk of inciting a nuclear conflagration.

NATO involvement since 2014. NATO has been vigorously arming and training the Kiev armed forces since 2014. Even Jens Stoltenberg and other NATO officials have openly admitted and acknowledged that background involvement on several occasions. In admitting the NATO presence in Ukraine over the past decade that also corroborates Russia’s reasoning of why it was compelled to launch its military intervention two years ago.

NATO military personnel are already in Ukraine and have been since at least 2014, when they started training the AFU troops. Many of these soldiers are deployed unofficially as mercenaries, private contractors or ostensibly as security service for NATO diplomats. Numerous reports have attested to the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine in one form or another. It is estimated that up to 20,000 foreign personnel have joined the so-called “international legionnaires” fighting on the side of the Kiev regime against Russian forces.

Germany’s Scholz repeated this week that he was opposed to sending long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine because that would mean the deployment of German troops to assist with operating the weapons. Scholz misspoke by disclosing that the British and French had already dispatched special forces to assist with their missile systems, the Storm Shadow and Scalp, respectively.

The same can be said about the American-supplied HIMARS artillery and Patriot systems that have been used to hit civilian centers in Donetsk and other Russian cities. It is also known that American, British, and other NATO forces are providing surveillance and logistics to enable Ukrainian strikes in the Black Sea against Russian navy vessels and bases in Crimea.

Western countries have notably already made extensive ground force deployments to Ukraine, including both contractors paid by Western governments as well as active-duty personnel. British combat troops have been deployed near the frontlines for high risk operations from the war’s initial weeks, which was confirmed by the head of the British Royal Marines in December 2022. Russian forces have also reported capturing active duty German personnel deployed to support operations of large quantities of Leopard tanks supplied to the country.

It is no secret that a full-scale Russia-NATO war is already being fought in Ukraine, with NATO weapons, NATO intelligence, NATO satellites, NATO planning and NATO soldiers on the ground, albeit “only” as special forces, mercenaries, secret agents and advisors.

One can also go further: Do we want to believe that the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline took place without the direct involvement of one or more NATO countries? That the attack on the Crimean Bridge whose logistics passed through Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia was not planned and participated by one or more NATO countries? That the American AWACS constantly present in the Black Sea are not actively engaged in attacks on the Russian fleet?

So, where is the element of novelty in Scholz’s statements or in what Macron might do in the future, which lacks of the list above.

As one unnamed European defense official remarked to the Financial Times in reaction to the uproar over Macron’s troop comments, “Everyone knows there are Western special forces in Ukraine — they’ve just not acknowledged it officially.”

Considering the offensive weapons plowed into Ukraine by NATO to strike Russia as well as the thousands of soldiers deployed there from NATO nations, it is rather academic to speculate about the future deployment of ground forces. The fact is that NATO is already at war with Russia.

Two-way statements in Europe

In last two weeks, Macron has confirmed the plan for the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine “These are quite serious topics. Every word I say on this topic is weighed, thought out and verified,” Emmanuel Macron told reporters. Thus, the French president confirmed what we had said earlier, which indicates the seriousness of the intentions of certain circles in the West regarding the deployment of troops from European countries to the territory of Ukraine. So, the plans of the West to further escalate the war with Russia, involving the military contingents of NATO countries in the conflict, is not a bluff, but a really worked—out scenario.

The Russians Are Gathering Strength | France Are Seeking Allies. Military Summary For 2024.03.10

On the other hand, “France does not intend to send its troops to Ukraine”, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne said on the radio station France Inter.” The French will not die for Ukraine. We will not send troops,” he said. Le Monde said that France is considering allowing special forces and other army forces to cross the Ukrainian border to pose a “strategic dilemma” for the Russian Federation. Paris officially denies the presence of its military in Ukraine.

NATO needs to pull its soldiers from Ukraine

Putin warns about nuclear weapons – as Scholz spills the beans on UK operators in Ukraine helping with missiles

An article in Asia Times, by Stephen Bryen March 1, 2024

Is NATO really ready for war with Russia?

French leader Macron suggests Western ground forces could be deployed to Ukraine but NATO lacks the wherewithal to supply them.

An article in Asia Times, by Kenton White February 28, 2024

Robert Fico’s Message to NATO is LOUD and CLEAR

March 7, 2024

Only a few European officials warn on possible NATO troops deployment in Ukraine, mainly by Hungary and Slovakia.

Western elites are no longer bothering to even cover up the fact that the war in Ukraine has, in reality, very little to do with Ukraine. When Jens Stoltenberg said that he had recently given “permission” to Ukraine to use F-16 fighter jets there in the war against Russia, we can add it to the list of gaffes and buffoonish Freudian slips that he has chalked up himself while in office. But it does at least give us a glimpse of how western elites are no longer bothering to even cover up the fact that the war in Ukraine has, in reality, very little to do with Ukraine but rather is a much bigger war fought by the West against Russia.

The fact is that tomorrow, the Europeans could wake up to NATO forces officially stationed along Ukraine’s northern border with Russia and Belarus and to the south, in the Odessa region, trying to save the country’s one remaining link to the Black Sea. From that day on, Russian top officials will no longer pretend that there are no NATO troops on Russia’s doorstep! On that day, the Europeans will find out, what the national flags of EU and NATO member states are still used for. We can go to sleep, one night, in peace, and wake up, the next day, in war!

Short-sighted, simple-minded and self-elected morons in the EU Commission support the LittleKing of Gallia in his war adventures. How charming!

US posture & stance

The US position as a fundamental guarantee for the NATO and Euro-Atlantic stability and security is indisputable. However, the US posture & stance regarding Ukraine war, to put it mildly, are ambivalent. Besides, the current situation makes it even more challenging.

On the other hand, pro war

Pentagon Chief: If Ukraine Is Defeated, NATO Will Be At War With Russia

An article in Zero Hedge, by Tyler Durden, Friday, Mar 01, 2024

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, by saying that NATO and Russia could end up fighting each other, if Ukraine is defeated, proved that the US has a plan for it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a diplomatic conference in Antalya.

“The meaning of this statement is that if Ukraine loses, NATO will have to go against Russia. Before that, everyone was saying: “We can’t let Ukraine lose, because Putin will not stop at this and will take over the Baltics, Poland, Finland.” But it turns out, according to Mr. Austin’s open, unambiguous statement, it’s the other way round. We do not have such plans and cannot have them, but the Americans do,” the minister said. According to Lavrov, Europe is currently the main victim of the US policy of “dragging Ukraine into NATO.”

America’s 80-year need for war is a must read for anyone interested international politics.

Every eight decades America has solved big domestic crises through major wars. Is history repeating itself or can the cycle be broken?

An article in Asia Times, by Francesco Sisci March 9, 2024

It is very difficult to imagine that the current US administration will go for talks with Moscow. It is already in the middle of an election campaign and any leaks about talks with Moscow would destroy its anti-Russia strategy. As it seems that the US is now leaving it to Europe to pay the bill for the misadventure in Ukraine, it would surely be helpful, if some European negotiators could jump in. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to see any European leader, who might be willing or able to do so.

But on the other hand, pro no-war

A sure sign that the US withdrawal will happen, is this “The rat is leaving the sinking ship

The US is leaving and let Europe to take care over the whole hash in Ukraine.

Russia’s reactions to NATO activities

One scenario of Russian possible performance against NATO’s activities may be found here:

Codename: Operation Golden Fish | The Full Front Scenario of Russia’s Upcoming Summer Offensive , Weeb Union , March 7, 2024

Moscow warns European countries against hosting US nukes

Russia threatens to strike nuclear targets in Northern Europe. In a scenario of a direct conflict between Russia and NATO, Moscow will see US nuclear facilities that Washington may locate in Northern Europe as legitimate targets for surgical strikes, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a briefing, on March 6.

If US nuclear arms appear in Northern Europe, Russia will strike them.

“You don’t have to be a military strategist to understand that such military objects will pose a direct threat. Naturally and inevitably, they will be included in the list of legitimate targets determined by the scenario of a direct military clash between our country and NATO,” Zakharova said.

With the advent of US nuclear weapons in the region, the security of Northern Europe “will only be harmed, rather than strengthened.” Earlier, Finnish President Alexander Stubb said that Finland wanted to obtain real nuclear deterrents. “I would start with the premise that we must have a real nuclear deterrent in Finland. This is what we have because NATO practically gives us three deterrents thanks to our membership in the NATO”, he noted. Contrary to the expectations of some Nordic top-level officials, the deployment of US nuclear weapons will worsen the security of host countries, rather than strengthen it, Zakharova stressed.

Finland’s current legislation forbids the storage and transportation of nuclear weapons on Finland’s territory but based on some public statements of President Stubb, Prime Minister Orpo and certain other top officials, the current nuclear energy legislation will be changed so that it enables the storage and transportation of nuclear weapons, already this year.


Obviously, the US is leaving the muddle of Ukraine they caused and leave it to Europe to take care of. At the same time Americans have severely harmed Europa’s economy and societies, now Europe has to pay all the cost of this catastrophe.

Only the war has been left behind. Short-sighted, simple-minded and self-elected, gullible morons in the EU Commission support the LittleKing of Gallia, in walking on the way of destruction.

Furthermore, Finland seems to be in complete self-destruction mode, by allowing nuclear weapons into their country. And all this “voluntarily”. It is incomprehensible that even the Finnish mainstream media turn blind eye on all this process; on the contrary, the media is joyfully supporting and boosting this self-destruction. This is a unique perversion, nowhere existed, never before and certainly never again will emerge.