Extra update to the article of March 11, 2023

I made an update, September 17, 2022: Short updating of Ukraine crisis, mid-September 2022 where I explained openly NATO’s operational functioning in Ukraine, inter alia, in the following way:

In the beginning of this crisis, it seemed to be a proxy war, where the factual opponents were Russia and the US and Ukraine serving as a proxy for the US interests. However, the participation of US and NATO has been increasing all the time, not only in financial and military equipment aid, but also in participation at practical, operational level. The US/NATO has a large command center, located in the western Ukraine (near to Lviv), where over a hundred American and British military officers, technical experts and other military personnel are working.

This command center receives, processes and distributes the whole data of American spy satellites, which gives real-time picture and data of the whole operation theater in Ukraine. This data is delivered to American (and British) liaison-officers in each regional brigade/battalion.  The task of these liaison-officers is to coordinate and conduct the operative combat performance of their units, together with Ukrainian officers. In addition, many Ukrainian offensive combat operations are usually supported by American or British special forces troops.

In my previous update, yesterday March 11, 2023, “Final show of Ukraine war is underway”, I explained Russia’s latest air strike (March 9) in Ukraine, where Russian Forces (RF) carried out a massive retaliatory strike using high-precision, long-range air-, sea- and land-based weapons, including the Kinzhal hypersonic missile system. A particular feature in this strike was a significant use of hypersonic Kinzal missiles (6 pieces).

Now, there are news from different sources that some Kinzal missile (or missiles) have hit that NATO Command Center in the vicinity of Lviv (in western Ukraine) and caused a disaster to NATO forces in Ukraine. Based on these pieces of news, tens even up to 200 of NATO (= US and UK) officers have been killed and irreversible damage has been made to NATO operations in Ukraine. The bunker was 80 meters deep control and planning center and was protected by Iris-R and NASAMS air defense systems, which all became destroyed by the strike.

The US Air Forces sent a strategic B-52H bomber to make a “fictional nuclear attack” to St Petersburg a day later. Its flight route here below. Another B-52 flight took place in Romania-Ukraine area. NATO tried to make a “desperate warning”, afterwards.

It will be interesting to see, how the NATO/the US will explain this disaster case or will they just keep total silence about this catastrophe. Furthermore, RF resume advancing on the frontlines in Ukraine, especially in Bakhmut / Artyomovsk (east side completely taken over by Russians) and Avdiivka regions. The collapse of AFU troops is approaching and my assessments of Ukraine war are to be confirmed.

An interesting new distraction has appeared on the international scene, namely a probable collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in California, a possible new Lehman Brothers is in the making. Fed will have an emergency meeting on Monday 13, March. Janet Yellen said that Biden Administration won’t bail out Silicon Valley Bank, major market crash expected on Monday. Moreover, de-dollarization process is accelerating worldwide.

Taking into account the enormous federal debt, over 31 trillion dollars, as well as chronic federal budget deficit and other massive American debts at all possible levels, the economic outcome of the US seems to be gloomy. President Joe “teleprompter reader” Biden is sleepwalking and conducting America into abyss and “complete morons” of the EU elite, living in their own bubble, are doing the same way.

All the facts tell that the western world, and possibly the whole world, is going to face apocalyptic times.